Shopping for a Personal Loan to Suit Your Finances

Holly Bentz

Just as one would shop around for the right automobile to suit your taste and financial style, the same is true in shopping for a personal loan. If youre thinking about taking out a personal loan, its important to make sure it matches your paying and financial composite. For example, do any of the following apply to you?

  1. If you plan to take out a personal loan do you plan to repay the loan off fast?
  2. Would you prefer to stretch your repayment plan out for as long as possible?
  3. Do you have poor credit therefore gaining a personal loan approval is important to you?
  4. Are you looking for the lowest interest rate possible on a personal loan?
  5. Because you require a large sum of money (over $10,000) you would like to put your home up for collateral?

As the above questions depict, personal loans come in all assortments with varying terms and payment guidelines. As we all know all men are created equally, but not all salaries and personal loans are right for all financial needs.

Did you know that the average American consumer (almost 60 percent) carries an average debt of over $10,000? Moreover, almost 60 percent neglect to remit their monthly credit card and mortgage balances on a timely basis. The profile of the middle class family is generally cash-challenged and used credit cards for their basic necessities.

In the realm of personal loans, American consumers must take caution during the search for a personal loan. Financial desperation has a way of affecting a consumers judgment. Banks, creditors and lending institutions are targeting the financially fraught consumer. The sector is referred to as a “sub-prime” market. The target audience is the working poor or impoverished who are in most cases unable to make payments.

The rampant growth of the industries has been evident in both mortgage lending and cash advance firms. Normally, sub-prime loans (home financing and payday) are accompanied by mammoth interest rates. In reality, it boils down to supply and demand.

After all, why should an organization dole out loans or credit to consumers who are unable to pay or have demonstrated a poor payment history.

Fact: Annually, creditors and financial institutions charge over $7 billion in late fees.

Despite the advantages and drawbacks of personal loans, here are a few ways to shop for a loan customized to your financial style:


Fast Repayment Plan

If you plan to take out a quick personal loan to hold you off until you receive a tax refund or even a salary bonus, look for a personal loan that does not have a prepayment penalty. Since many payday loans and other personal loan products are designed to make the company money over the life of the loan, many carry a pre-payment penalty clause. Read the fine print and thoroughly review the contract to avoid being pigeon-holed into a personal loan.

Extended Repayment Program

The unemployed consumer should look for the personal loan where the repayment plan can be stretched out overtime. Opting for this type of loan can circumvent the chance of biting off more personal loan than one can afford while they are looking for gainful employment.

High Interest Rate

Some consumers do not have the luxury of being choosy in pursuit of a loan. Particularly, for the indebted with a low credit rating, the chances of personal loan approval may be limited. Generally, financial institutions up the interest rate based on how risky they deem the loan to be. Also, if a person has shown a poor payment history, the only way for the lending company to protect their interest is by charging an excessive interest rate.

Lowest Rate

Although the lowest interest rate possible always sparkles with appeal, it can be tricky. Pay particular attention to any personal loan that sounds too good to be true. For example, certain fraudulent lending companies will detail ambiguous wording in a personal debt agreement to purposely defraud the consumer of property (house or car).

Secured Loan

For a lending institutions perspective, the secured personal loan is completely failsafe for the bank. In any case, if the borrower defaults on the loan, they have an expensive property to sell to even make a profit. Before selecting a secured personal loan evaluate if the risk of possibly losing ones home is worth the pay-off of any loan worth $10,000 or more.

Whatever you personal loan you decide to take out, remember to prioritize what is important and only select the loan tailored to your financial situation.

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