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Sally Summers

If you want to make shopping much, much easier — whether you’re looking for the best
mutual fund, car insurance, cell phone, television or toaster…If you want to know the pros and cons about products and services — before you shell out your hard-earned money…If you want to know the healthiest, most nutritious foods for you and your family…

When you put
Consumer Reports to work for you, you get more than 100 car experts, engineers, chemists, statisticians, nutritionists, money advisors and safety gurus you can count on!

Live healthier, wealthier and wiser with the facts you find only in
Consumer Reports:

* How to lose weight without feeling hungry
* What the car salesman doesn’t want you to know
* Ways to save $700 on your annual cell phone bill
* What the guy in the stereo store won’t tell you
* Strategies to protect your nest egg against a volatile stock market
* What your car mechanic might not tell you
* The scary reality about chicken safety and salmonella poisoning
* What your travel agent won’t tell you
* The top-rated 27-inch television
* Ways to slash your car insurance costs
* What the appliance store salesman won’t tell you
* The expensive secret about premium gasoline
* The only airline consistently rated high for good service and low prices
* The truth the diet gurus refuse to tell you
* Best picks for this year’s new cars
* And much, much more!

Consumer Reports compares features, sorts through the choices, analyzes the options and reports back to you. You benefit from the clear advice. Useful recommendations. Wise insights. Simple, easy-to-understand information.

You’ll discover new products. New technology. New ideas. New ways to make your life better, safer, easier and more enjoyable, too. You’ll know powerful facts. You’ll avoid problems. Spot scams. Get the best value for your money.

Consumer Reports is the only magazine of its kind!

Consumer Reports is 100% nonprofit. And Consumer Reports doesn’t have to worry about big car companies, big manufacturers, big financial institutions or big airlines pulling their advertising dollars. That’s because Consumer Reports doesn’t carry any advertising. Consumer Reports is paid by you only and works for you only! Consumer Reports tells you the truth — in plain English — straight from the experts at the world’s largest consumer product testing center.

About the Author

Sally Summers is Editorial Director at and You can read her weekly blog at where she talks about today’s most popular magazines and how they can enrich your daily life.


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