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Joe L.Golson

Fix Your Credit

If your credit is messed-up like mine use to be and you are thinking of doing something
about it. It’s time to stop just thinking and do something about. Do you know the longer you wait to start fixing your credit,the worst it get and it take longer to repair your credit

It is not my place or goal to make ethical decisions for anyone. But to provide you with the credit repair information you need to make an informed decision It’s the decision of the person whose family can’t buy a home, or a new car, or get credit cards– and with numerous derogatory credit items often if they can get these things– the interest rates are so high they can’t make the payments…

We know that bad things happen to good people. Maybe you got injured or sick and couldn’t work, or co-signed and the creditor didn’t tell you that the payments weren’t being made, or you were a victim of credit fraud, or maybe you just got in over your head and now your creditors and the bureaus are making you and your family pay for that mistake….not to mention the money you are paying because you need credit repair

Thanks to the many laws that have been enacted by our government for your benefit. It is often easier and cheaper for a creditor or bureau to remove a derogatory item than it is to fight it. For them to successfully argue that a debt is yours requires them to find the “original” document and original signature. If the original document is in a warehouse in Alabama, it could get very costly and time consuming to find. And remember, if they can’t find it and verify it within 30 days, it must be removed. Few creditors will spend hundreds or thousands of dollars in man hours to find a signature to prove you owe them money that they know they will never receive anyway.

Learn how to get good credit by improving your credit scores and removing bad credit. Fixing your bad credit is possible, simple, and legal! If you have debts that are affecting your credit scores and your ability to buy a home, a car, or get personal loans, etc… You really only have 3 choices…

{1} Pay Your Creditors
{2} File Bankruptcy
Fix Your Credit

Stop thinking and do something! The very worst thing you can do is to Do Nothing!

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