Repair Your Credit The Right Way

Dan Farrell

I have to tell you something, there really is no right way, but there is a wrong way.

I know it sounds like ‘gobbly-gook’ but the credit bureau’s are not interested in correcting errors on your credit reports. They will after a time if you persist and follow through correct glaring mistakes.

Don’t fall for the credit repair trap where shady companies offer a new ‘identity’ or reduce your debt by 75%. Or consolidate your debt. However, in some cases, it makes sense to consolidate if you can reduce your overall interest rate and not take all the equity out of your house to doing. See your accountant before proceeding.

The best organization to help if you credit card debt is over $10,000 is Consumer Credit Counseling. You can find your local chapter in your phone book or go online to:

The bottom line is this, if you are over $10,000 in unsecured debt (usually credit cards, personal loans, store charges), consider filing for bankruptcy if you are unable to pay a minimum amount. Maybe you have been laid off, have an illness or other tragedy that through no fault of you own, you wound up with heavy debt that is making your life miserable. You situation is exactly why the U.S. has provided bankruptcy for its citizens as a method of relief from creditors.

Whatever you do, realize that there are millions of others in the same boat or even worse, and there is relief from the crushing burden of debt if you just take some positive action.

You can get more help at the following link:

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