Making Money in Equity Finance

William Cate

Making Money in Equity Finance
By William Cate
Published October 2001
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Do you offer financial services to businesses outside the United States?
You could be earning an additional US$300,000/year taking your clients
public in the United States.

Here are ten possible reasons why non-U. S. Companies should go public in
1. Their country lacks a stock exchange.
2. The country’s stock exchange won’t list “growth” companies. In several
countries the national listing requirements are modeled after those of the
New York Stock Exchange. This is true of the Singapore and Kuala Lumpur
Stock Exchanges
3. The local stock exchanges lack credibility. This is true of the
Vancouver and Alberta Stock Exchanges in Canada.
4. The company understands the benefits of being valued in U. S. Dollars,
instead of the national currency. Currently, the USD is the World’s
business currency.
5. The company that wants to be listed on stock exchanges in Europe and
Asia and realizes that the American filing is the key to cost savings
6. The company understands that they can no longer trade their shares in
the States under a 12g Exemption.
7. The company realizes that their local investors would prefer to hold U.
S. Dollar demominated stock.
8. The company suspects that there is a segment of the U. S. Market that
would buy their stock if it were easily available in the United States.
9. The company realizes that having a U. S. Dollar demominated stock allows
management to make bargain acquisitions for their stock when the national
currency’s exchange rate falls against the USD.
10. Management is taking the company global and wants to save on taxes.

I can offer twenty more reasons why non-U. S. Companies should trade in
the United States. Canadian, Israeli, and Japanese businesses are the
primary companies seeking to trade their shares in the States. The U. S.
listing advantages that they take for granted are available to any firm
anywhere in the World.

I offer a basic U. S. Spinoff package. It takes a foreign company public
in the United States. It qualifies the company’s shares to trade on the
Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB). This spinoff package includes
legal and audit costs. The turnkey package costs: US$125,000 and one
hundred thousand shares of the company’s stock.

I’d like to develop a network of non-U. S. Business Associates capable of
marketing this basic spinoff package to their clients. Potential associates
should be venture capital firms, M&A firms, Merchant Bankers and Business
Consultants. My marketing approach is risk free. If you want the details of
my proposal, please email me with “risk free” in the subject field.

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