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by Jim Branco 

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closing costs

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Government Free Money programs aren’t only for the very needy. Even those who make $35,000,$50,000, even $85,000 a year can qualify for many of these programs. And others programs have no income requirements at all. You can even be a millionaire and get Free Money from the government (like Donald Trump, Sam Donaldsonand even George W. Bush and Dick Cheney did)!

It’s Free Money you never have to repay! Learn about:

Government money that goes directly into your pocket
Government offices that pay your bills directly
Free goods and services from professionals that will never send you a bill
Millions of qualified taxpayers are missing out!
140 million People are eligible for money to pay for medications but only a fraction apply 58% of the people eligible to receive $800 in groceries don’t apply
3 million people who are eligible to receive $6000 in spending money never apply
4 million kids who can get their health care paid for don’t apply
4000 little known government Free Money programs that you can use to pay your bills and get out of debt home, Even with Bad Credit including:

$9,500 to pay any bills

$2,800 to pay your heating bills

$1,200 to pay your mortgage

$15,000 to pay for child care

$3,000 to help buy a car

$4,000 to pay closing costs on a home

$500 to pay your Property taxes

$700 to pay your utility bills

$800 to pay your food bills

$4,800 to pay for family expenses

$170 a month to pay for parking

$328 a month to help pay your rent

$3,000 to volunteer in your neighborhood

Even $1,000 to pay your bills while you’re waiting for other government Free Money!

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$500,000 free goverment grant to start or expand your business

$50,000 free goverment grant for you to go back to school

$10,000 free goverment grant to fix up your home

$7,000 free goverment grant to train for a new job

$500 free goverment grant to fix up your car

$100,000 free goverment grant to improve your neighborhood

$400 free goverment grant to pay your heating bill

$50,000 free goverment grant for you to travel the world

$5,000 free goverment grant for you to start a business at home

$250,000 free goverment grant to work on your invention

$7,000 free goverment grant to pay for your living expenses

$1,000 free goverment grant to pay for your prescription drugs

$1,300 free goverment grant to pay your mortgage payment

Ronald Olszewski of Alabama received a $500 free goverment grant to fix up his car.

Ritz Camera received $75,000 free goverment grant for hiring new employees in Topeka, KS.

Amazon.Com received $1.6 million to open a distribution center in Coffeyville, KS.

George W. Bush, before he became President, received $200 million to build a new stadium for his baseball team, and turned his $606,302 investment into $14.9 million.

Dick Cheney, before he became Vice-President, received $1.5 billion from Ex-Im and $2.3 billion in contracts for his energy company.

James Freericks of Washington, DC received over $500,000 in free goverment grants to travel the World.

The Snyder Seed Company of Buffalo received a $200,000 free goverment grant to make a rodent repellant out of hot chili peppers.

Tori Stewardson of Virginia received $15,000 at 40 years old to finish her college degree because she was suffering from low self-esteem.

Ameritrade, the on-line discount broker, received a Free Money grant for $1,000,000 to set up an office in Annapolis, MD.

A company in California, Beneficial Design, received a grant for $49,937 to develop a web site on hiking trails.

Arlene Fink received $99,867 to develop a new way of letting the elderly know about their possible drinking problems.

Linda Suydam received $216,000 to start a fishing business in Alaska.

Brett Stern received $175,000 to work on his invention, on a machine that glues fabric together instead of sewing.

Len Osborne of Colorado received $10,000to take a computer course that took him from earning $7 an hour as nightclubbouncer to a $50,000 year professional with benefits.

Dorothy Heart of Texas received $40,000 Free Money grant to pay for her daughter’s hospital bill.

Matthew Lesko’s wife, Wendy Schaetzel Lesko, received a $4,000 Free Money grant for her neighborhood volunteer tutoring service.

Matthew Lesko’s teenage sons, Max and Morgan, received a $10,000 Free Money grant to work on a teen anti-smoking program.

Raymond Whitfield of Washington, DC at 68 years old received $20,000 to get a Masters Degree.

Sandie Dotson of Houston, TX received a $3,500 Free Money grant to cover closing costs for her new home.

Linda Jacobs-Holcomb received $5,000 Free Money grant for speech therapy for her son.

Written by the “Guru of Free Money Government Giveaways”

Matthew Lesko has 25 years of experience educating everyone from Fortune 500 companies to average taxpayers about government grant programs. Two of his books have been on the New York Time Best Seller list. Two have received awards from the the American Library Association. He has written syndicated columns for The New York Times and Good Housekeeping Magazine and has been a regular on TV talk shows including Larry King, The Today Show, Jay Leno’s Tonight Show and Oprah.

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